Metadata Control in Bibble 5

Bibble 5 provides all the tools necessary to apply keywords, ratings, labels, tags, and IPTC Metadata like captions, copyright, and many others. Using metadata you add to your images, or metadata added by your camera together with Bibble 5's Asset Manangement features allows you to browse or search for images with essentially any combination of metadata.

Bibble 5's metadata tool (shown on the right) allows viewing and editing of EXIF, IPTC, and GPS data. You can create Metadata Sets - like the Default set shown here or the Caption set shown below to shown on the information you are interested it. Switching between sets is made simple by the Sets dropdown at the top of the Metadata tool.

Metadata Presets

Metadata can be included in Bibble 5 Presets, making it quick and easy to attach your copyright information, contact info, details about where the photo was taken or any other metadata. Metadata can be included in Presets that apply image settings as well - so you can apply a “Black & White” keyword to all images that you apply a black and white preset to.

Bibble 5 also makes it easy to quickly view Metadata on any thumbnail or Preivew image.