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Photos by Jeff Stephens

Perfectly Clear & Bibble 5

Bibble 5.1 adds an important new feature: Perfectly Clear® One-Click Image Optimization - powered by Athentech Technologies Inc.

This tool is a great time-saver, allowing a simple but powerful set of image optimizations to be applied with a single click. As the folks at Athentech state:

Perfectly Clear® is award winning and multi-patented technology that utilizes the physics principles of light. It's the only technology that automatically and instantly optimizes the lighting for each and every pixel while maintaining true color and zero clipping. At the same time Perfectly Clear® will automatically remove abnormal tint and restore faded photographs. As the final touch, Perfectly Clear® utilizes patented medical imaging technology to provide photographs with optimal contrast and sharpening.

By integrating this into Bibble's advanced RAW conversion workflow, you can instantly and automatically get the best out of every one of your images. The image to the right shows a sample of the power of this new tool. Hover over the image to see the image after Perfectly Clear® was enabled - with a single click - on this photo during RAW conversion.